The Golden State Warriors organization and thousands of their loyal fans flooded market street in San Francisco for their championship parade. The confetti-lined route saw many notable moments, including a rally and tons of champagne. There were also plenty of trending moments like Klay Thompson stumbling into a woman along the parade route.

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Thompson left the championship bus and was strolling toward fans when he stumbled, he then would fall into a lady who would be knocked over. Being the gentleman and champion he is, Thompson immediately turned to the woman and helped her up.

Thompson was also spotted dancing like Michael Jackson, dropping his championship ring and chugging Hennessy.


Elsewhere during the parade, Draymond Green found Mistah F.A.B. along the parade route who was working for NBC in parade coverage. After asking was it a live TV segment and receiving a, yes, Green would drop an F-Bomb directly into the camera.

NBA Finals MVP also couldn’t contain his excitement when he got to Mistah F.A.B.