In a heartfelt statement, Irene Cara’s publicist announced on Saturday that she had passed away suddenly at 63  in her Florida home.

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 As the tributes started pouring in for the “Fame,” “Flashdance” singer and “Sparkle” actress from everyone from Mariah Carey, Niecy Nash, and Viola Davis the rumors also started stirring on the reasons for her untimely passing. Fans begin speculating of the reasons why blaming her death on everything from the Covid-19 vaccine as well as bazaar theories like “sudden death Syndrome” all trying to answer the questions as to why a woman who is fairly healthy and young dies so suddenly. In a statement on their Twitter account, her team pleads with fans to not speculate but to wait for a complete autopsy to be done saying,   “For Those who are blaming a vaccine for her death, please don’t.  We don’t have medical answers yet and won’t until an autopsy is completed.    Check out her full statement below

We continue to pray and send our condolences to her family and friends during this time. Ms. Cara’s legacy will live through her music and her body of work.