Revolt Podcast Network (RPN) recently launched its new Spring 2023 lineup including a diverse group of podcasts last month. After a progressively strong launch in August 2022, the unapologetically Black storytelling platform has worked to not only define its initiatives, but execute them as well. 

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“We want to make sure that our network is constantly growing,” said Akinwole Garrett, GM of Revolt Podcast Network. “All of the opportunities that we are bringing to the network must benefit our podcasters.” 

Garrett assumed the role of GM of RPN during its launch in 2022 after leading business development for Revolt TV for almost two years. Now he anchors a team that is tasked with scouting and scaling the voices of some of the most influential creators within the culture today. 


Garrett is “strict” about Revolt’s goal to create a platform represented by women-led podcasters. That desire is matched with global expansion as a top priority, with new shows on deck stemming from South Africa and the Caribbean that will be added to their riveting roster. 

Revolt TV’s CEO, Detavio Samuels, who hosts “The Blackprint” on RPN, also stands firm on this objective. 

“Hip-Hop drives pop culture,” says Samuels as the leader of what he has coined, “Revolt 3.0.” 

“While we are still heavily anchored in music, we recognized that these artists and creators are not only passionate about the art that they make. Their art has shifted into storytelling and talk shows.” 

Revolt’s audience has certainly witnessed the aforementioned shift with the success of award-winning podcasts such as Yung Miami’s podcast “Caresha Please” and Desiree Talley’s, “Pop Law.” 

“We want to be the playground for creators to expand into wherever their genius wants to take them,” added Samuels. 

RPN also hosts a roster of podcasts including “Black Girl Stuff,” Earn Your Leisure’s “Assets Over Liabilities,” “The Success Playbook,” “DEPOSIT$” and more. 

With a network that is anchored by Hip-Hop and powered by creators, only time stands in between Garrett and Samuel’s foresight to lead Revolt’s transformation into the “Black Disney.”

“That’s what we want. The goal is to have animation, scripted and unscripted shows and eventually Revolt Land,” says Garrett. “Instead of Ring Around The Rosie,” you hear a Rick Ross song playing as you go around the ferris wheel.” 

Check out RPN’s roster of podcasts here.

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