Prepare for a fusion of iconic streetwear sensibilities as STARRY’s renowned duo, Lem & Lime, welcomes a new member to the crew. Joining forces with The Hundreds’ very own Adam Bomb, the trio is set to unveil a fresh and electrifying streetwear collection at the 2023 Family Style Festival on October 8.

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Designed by the masterminds behind The Hundreds, this thrilling collaboration with STARRY promises to redefine streetwear culture. The collection will feature a range of co-branded essentials, including t-shirts, hoodies, bomber jackets, and even a custom STARRY x The Hundreds can. Fans can expect a blend of STARRY’s signature style with The Hundreds’ urban edge, creating a unique and innovative collection that will turn heads.

The much-anticipated launch at the Family Style Festival will undoubtedly mark a significant moment in streetwear history, celebrating the creative brilliance of these three fashion powerhouses. Streetwear aficionados, prepare to make a bold statement with the STARRY x The Hundreds collaboration.