Trinidad and Tobago will be the site of the highly anticipated Ultimate Mompreneur Brunch on Sunday, October 15th, at the Brix Hotel. This event, which was initiated five years ago, consistently attracts powerful speakers from around the world. This year, the headlining duo comprises Kiki Ayers, a prominent Celebrity Publicist and the owner of Ayers Publicity, along with Toronto-based Fashion influencer Toni Fifi. Both Ayers and Fifi share Trinidadian heritage, adding a personal connection to the event. Nicole Dyer-Griffith will also grace the occasion with her presence.

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“I’m beyond excited to go back to sweet T&T and speak to the hard working moms who often feel overwhelmed, overworked and underappreciated,” said Ayers. 

The Ultimate Mompreneur Brunch stands as a premier one-day gathering for ambitious Mom Entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of business strategies and life management. It seeks to help mothers lead more peaceful, organized, and stress-free lives. The event was conceptualized by the accomplished Trinidadian businesswoman Kelisha Mills.


“I created the Ultimate Mompreneur Brunch to strengthen the spirit of Entrepreneurship in Caribbean mom entrepreneurs,” said Mills. “I am leading by example to show them that they can have global impact and that the support and opportunities are there for them to access.” 

This event provides a platform for mothers in business to connect, learn, and grow. Distinguished speakers at this year’s event will share their personal experiences, successes, and challenges faced while balancing business and family. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

“It is all about celebrating and empowering moms in business, and the support system that helps make it all possible,” said Mills.

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