Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are back dominating headlines. Just this week alone, we have found out they are separated, Chris Rock tried to date Jada, and she thought the Oscars slap was a skit. Now, enter another comedian, Tommy Davidson.

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Speaking on the Club Shay Shay podcast, Davidson revealed he had a “run-in” with Will Smith after he kissed Jada Pinkett Smith while filming Woo. Davidson stated he did not discuss the kiss ahead of time.

“Me and Will had a run-in,” Davidson said. “He came into the trailer and I was sitting down. He’s standing over me and he’s like, ‘I don’t appreciate that, man. I don’t appreciate that.’ And I’m like, ‘What you talking about?’ I always know to play it off.”


He added, “Finally I just said, ‘This is a small place and people are here. We should talk about it, me and you outside because it looks like you need to get something off your chest.’ And Jada was like, ‘Oh nah nah, y’all.’ I was like, ‘What you mean nah y’all? Tell him!’ And that was the end of that.”

Davidson said he found out the reason behind the encounter when writing his book. During the process, he had to get details signed off, reaching out to Will Smith’s best friend, and uncovering the reason. Davidson says he was misled by film executives that Pinkett-Smith was ready for the kiss but actually was uncomfortable.

You can hear it all from Tommy Davidson below.