After releasing his highly-anticipated third studio album, american dream, 21 Savage is treating fans to an exclusive merch collection that captures the essence of his career. The 25-item collection features a range of streetwear, including bucket hats, hoodies, baseball jerseys, and vinyl options showcasing the rapper’s latest musical masterpiece.

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The american dream merch line is a carefully curated capsule, blending fine art with streetwear aesthetics. Artists Andrew Agutos and Estéban Whiteside contribute paintings and sketches, infusing the collection with unique visuals. Specific themes like the “American Dream Baby Onesie” and “Should’ve Wore a Bonnet” highlight Savage’s narrative. At the same time, items like the “Metal Dice” and “Leather Bucket Hat” prominently feature the rapper’s signature dagger insignia, reinforcing his distinctive brand identity. Fans can now dive into this exclusive collection, experiencing a tangible connection to 21 Savage’s artistic vision.

You can see the collection below and shop here.