Kid Cudi has announced his world tour. Hitting Twitter, Cudi announced that he would head out on the INSANO world tour, naming Pusha T, Jaden, and more as headliners.

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Fresh from the release of his 11th studio album INSANO, Kid Cudi invites Zane Lowe into his home to discuss the project, his retirement from music, his relationship with Ye, and more.


Speaking on INSANO Cudi tells Zane, “I think that this album is a triumph, because I’ve seen a lot of people saying, yo, you sound like you can feel the happiness in the music. You can feel the joy radiating. Every note, every verse. There’s no Kid Cudi album that sounds like this. Can you imagine? 11 albums, and I was able to still do something new.”

As he nears his 40th birthday, this wide-ranging conversation sees Cudi reflect on his career, how he’s inspired the next generation of rappers, and why he loves working with Lil Yachty.

When speaking about his relationship with ‘Ye, Cudi says, “It’s usually one person does something where the other one has to defend themselves, but usually you like to keep these things private, but sometimes they can come out.”

He added, “I think in my situation it’s a little bit more complicated. Me personally, I just pray on it and walking the light and the new Scott is not angry at anyone. The new Scott doesn’t have beef with anyone, and I just try to focus on that.”