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Celebrating The Lasting Achievements Of First Lady Michelle Obama

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During Black History Month (and every month of the year), we celebrate the strength and awareness of Michelle Obama, and recognize her accomplishments over the course of her time as the first Black First Lady of the United States. Mrs. Obama has been engaged in many humanitarian efforts, from the Red Cross, the fight against […]

President Obama Speaks on #OsarsSoWhite, Says Lack of Diversity Points to Broader Issue

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Last year was the appetizer of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy; the inaugural year of social media establishing a firm grapple of the narrative surrounding the Academy Awards, and black actors and actresses’ lack of representation during their ceremony. This year, it has taken on a fuller form in both intensity and scope, leading to the president, Barack […]

Donald Trump: “Obama Has Done a Terrible Job for African-Americans”

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On Sunday [January 17, 2015] Republican candidate Donald Trump sat down with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos as he was questioned about his views on Martin Luther King Jr‘s legacy. When asked what he would say to African-Americans who believe Dr. King’s dream hasn’t been achieved, Trump quickly responded he was in accord with the notion, blaming President […]

ICYMI: President Obama Prefers Michael Jordan Over LeBron James & Kobe Bryant


The Hoop Guru In Charge has spoken. President Obama recently participated in a Twitter Q&A session and along with answering questions about important issues such as climate control and affordable college tuition plans, an NBA fan asked the Commander-In-Chief to choose between Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. As a true Chicago native who […]

#AskPotus: The Questions President Obama Answered, And Some We Wish He Had


President Barack Obama jumped on Twitter to hold his #AskPOTUS question-and-answer session today (Thursday, January 14) at McKinley High School in Baton Rouge to ask what we (the American people) can accomplish this year and beyond. Giving the public a rare opportunity to ask the President anything, as you can imagine, resulted in a mix […]

Kendrick Lamar to Receive Key to City of Compton

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DJ Khaled isn’t the only one with major keys – at least not for long. Just days after news surfaced that Kendrick Lamar had a meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House, it has been revealed by Compton Mayor Aja Brown that the West Coast MC will be granted the first-ever key to […]

Wale Announces Title of 5th Studio Album During Historic #SOTU Performance

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Yesterday, President Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union address, publicly championing VP Joe Biden as the person “in charge of mission control” in the fight to cure cancer, and reminding Americans that it’s time to start making decisions that will bear fruit 5-10 years down the line, and not just during the […]

Wale Becomes First Rapper To Open For State Of The Union Address

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Last night (Tuesday, January 12 2016) live from the White House website there was a first ever State of the Union address “Pre-Show.” It began at 8pm and was hosted by actor Terrence Jenkins, former co-host of BET’s 106 & Park and co-anchor of E! News. Musical guests included rapper Wale. After his performance, the […]

The 10 Best Takeaways From President Obama’s Final SOTU Address

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2016 marks the end of an era as the nation’s first Black president enters his eighth and final year as commander in chief.  Tonight [Tuesday, January 12 2016], President Barack Obama took the floor to deliver his final report on the State of the Union. In an atmosphere where partisanship was stronger and thicker than […]

Read The Full Text From Obama’s Final State Of The Union Address #POTUSBars


While majority of the nation will be dissecting and retweeting some of the #POTUSbars President Obama just dropped for the remainder of this evening [Tuesday, January 12] and throughout the upcoming months prior to the next Presidential election, it’s always nice to be able to take in the text as a whole—especially while we digest […]

‘The Daily Show’: President Obama Has “No F*cks Left to Give”

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Tonight, President Barack Obama will deliver the final State of the Union address of his 8-year presidency, and it’s expected to be a doozy. As we approach the end of Obama’s tenure in the Oval, it’s clear the president has become increasingly less concerned with banter from his critics, and more focused on getting his […]

Kendrick Lamar Speaks on His Visit to the White House, Shares Photos

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It was reported earlier today that Kendrick Lamar recently paid a visit to the White House for a meeting with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. Divulged by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett during this week’s episode of BuzzFeed’s Another Round, particular details surrounding their encounter remained scarce, leaving minds to wonder what exactly was […]

Kendrick Lamar Met With President Obama at the White House

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Update: Kendrick has shared additional details and photos of the event. From Compton to Congress. Currently leading the 58th Annual Grammy Awards with a rap record of 11 nominations for his sophomore album To Pimp a Butterfly, which boasts President Barack Obama‘s favorite song of the year, “How Much a Dollar Cost,” Kendrick Lamar continues […]

President Obama and the First Lady Meet Families of San Bernadino Victims


Now becoming a well-known trend of his presidency, Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama privately met with the families of the victims of another deadly terror attack as they made their way to San Bernadino Friday evening [December 18, 2015]. Despite the pain and the heartache that they’re feeling, they could not have been more […]

President Obama Reveals His Favorite Song of 2015

It’s been public knowledge for quite some time that President Barack Obama is a fan of Hip-Hop. He was criticized during his 2008 campaign for having Ludacris on his iPod, and during his eight years in office, artists like Common, Big Sean and Wale have made trips to the White House to perform at marquee […]