Coronavirus Crisis: Pandemic Drones to Monitor Fever, Crowds From Above

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With the effects of the Coronavirus drastically impacting communities largely in part due to people not following the social distancing guidelines, some states have turned to technology to attempt to flatten the curve. According to a report from ABC, states like New Jersey and Connecticut have deployed drones to monitor people’s social distancing and even […]

Samsung Patents Drone That Is Controlled By Hand And Eye Movements

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Samsung’s latest patent is for a drone with an integrated display that’s able to detect the face and pupils of a person as well as their hand gestures and position. The patent shows a unit that features a display at the center with four propellers on each corner. It was first spotted by LetsGoDigital. Visit […]

The Evolution of Drones: Self Aware and Susceptible To Terrorism?


Drones are basically mainstream now and the general public is just starting to get used to them and how they will affect our daily lives. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information The commercial aspects of drones are still being developed but among them are broadcasting sporting events, shipping products, filming movies and television shows. Right now, […]

Drone Drops Package Of Drugs Into Ohio Prison Yard


A drone containing small amounts of marijuana, heroin and tobacco causes a fight at an Ohio prison Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information In the latest in series of attempts to deliver prison contraband via drones, a package was delivered to an Ohio prison yard causing quite a stir. According to officials, the package was delivered […]