[WATCH] Ice-T Reveals He Made $23,000 To Star In ‘New Jack City’

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Easily classified as a cult-classic, rapper Ice-T changed the game when he starred in the blockbuster hit New Jack City. Now he’s revealing that he was paid $23,000 to star in the blockbuster film. New Jack City was a critical and commercial success, raking in nearly $50 million at the box office on a budget of […]

LL Cool J and Ice-T Team Up For New Show ‘Hip Hop Treasures’

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LL Cool J and Ice T’s new show on A&E will take a trip down memory lane and discuss some of hip hop’s coolest and most iconic memorabilia. Visit for more information Deadline confirmed that the rappers-turned-actors would join forces on the new show Hip Hop Treasures, a docu-series focusing on hunting down memorable […]

Ice-T Warns Artists About Making Appearances on Podcasts


West Coast pioneer Ice-T is adamant about his concerns about the culture’s continuously growing number of podcasts and believes that most platforms are situated to get artists caught up in their own words, which is a perfect recipe for controversy. Visit for more information In a recent tweet, the legendary rapper/actor tweeted, “Artist Public […]

Ice-T says he “eats haters for food” as he receives Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Ice T Accepts Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

As Ice-T accepted his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last Friday, he addressed one aspect of being a star that does not seem to bother him: critics. Visit for more information The 65-year-old hip-hop artist and actor, who accepted the star alongside his wife Coco and seven-year-old daughter Chanel, discussed cancel culture, […]

Happy 65th Birthday To West Coast Pioneer Ice-T!

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On this date in 1958, rapper and actor Tracy Morrow aka Ice-T was born in Newark, New Jersey, but ironically morphed into one of the most influential Hip Hop artists from the West Coast in the history of the genre. Visit for more information After his exodus to the West Coast, Ice’s career began […]

Questlove Reveals that Will Smith Was Supposed to Make A Surprise Appearance At Grammys, but Had to Cancel Due to Bad Boys 4 Filming

Grammys 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop Tribute

It’s been a while since Will Smith has been on a stage at an awards show, but allegedly, he was scheduled to make a surprise appearance at the Grammy’s this past Sunday night. However, his comeback performance was derailed due to conflicts with filming Bad Boys 4. Visit for more information In the weeks […]

[WATCH] NYPD Release Surveillance Footage Of Filmmaker Taheim Bryant Being Gunned Down

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The NYPD is currently searching for two individuals who were involved in the shooting death of 50-year-old filmmaker Joseph “Taheim” Bryant last Thursday and have released the surveillance footage of the killing. Visit for more information Bryant, a film producer and director whose police brutality film Equal Standard starring Ice-T received rave reviews, was […]

Rappers React To Bill Cosby’s Overturned Sexual Assault Conviction

Bill Cosby sexual assault

Some of the biggest names in hip-hop are sharing their thoughts after it was announced that Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction had been overturned.  Visit for more information Fifty Cent and Boosie seemingly offered excitement over the court’s decision to free Cosby on Instagram.  However, 50 later deleted his post.  “Just got the news […]

Happy Loving Day Interracial Marriage Legalized 54 Years Ago

Happy Loving Day Interracial Marriage Legalized 54 Years Ago Today Eve and Maximillion Cooper

54 years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized interracial marriage. It’s officially Loving Day. Visit for more information On June 12, 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of a young couple, Mildred Jeter Loving and Richard Loving and struck down state laws prohibiting interracial marriages as unconstitutional. A monumental case […]