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Trailer for House of Cards Season 6 is Finally here

house of cards

During the Academy Awards, Netflix aired a teaser for the sixth and final season of their popular series House of Cards and we are all here for it! It’s going to be the first season since lead actor Kevin Spacey, who played conniving politician Frank Underwood, got booted from the show by Netflix after the […]

Here Are Over One Hundred ‘Walking Dead’ Facts You Never Knew


Visit for more information Anyone who has followed The Walking Dead since season one knows that the show has come a long way from it’s inaugural season. It’s maturation is evident in the storytelling, how its shot and the many subtle details that, when unearthed make the show that much enthralling. With Walking Dead Day approaching, the folks […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Comic Book Characters Worth Looking Forward To On The Show


MAJOR Spoilers. Visit for more information The Walking Dead comic book series has been lauded for depicting such a fantastical concept as a zombie apocalypse, with an unparalleled sense of realism. The comic pushes each character to their moral limit, with many lose-lose situations peppering the Rick and the gang’s path. This is why the AMC version works […]