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Protect Yo HeART: Uncutt Art Explains His Emotion Driven Street Art

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Interview: Sha Be Allah This story was originally published in The Source Issue #272 Visit for more information If you’re an art aficionado or just someone who wanders some of America’s most populated metropoles, it’s more than likely that you’ve run across some form of street art, painting or sculpture. Some are random; however, […]

D.C. Graffiti Legend COOL DISCO DAN Passes Away At Age 47


With heavy hearts, we are saddened to report that Danny Hogg, known worldwide as Cool “Disco” Dan, passed away on July 26, 2017 due to complications from diabetes. Visit for more information Cool “Disco” Dan’s mythic graffiti signature was known well before coming to know him as a person. His signature really was mythic, […]

Brooklyn Building Owner To Keep Notorious B.I.G. Mural In Bed-Stuy

Notorious BIG

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn building owner Solomon Berkowitz came to the realization that in Brooklyn, the best way to spread love is to leave great enough left alone. Visit for more information “Thank you Brooklyn! And a very very special thanks to the landlords for recognizing the importance of Biggie in this neighborhood! First we […]

Detroit Graffiti Artist Jeffrey “TEAD” Vaughn Dies From Fatal Fall


A Detroit graffiti artist respected for his work on the streets as well as in galleries has died following a fall through a roof Sunday at a Detroit art space. Visit for more information Jordan (Tead) Vaughn, 34, made a reputation for himself in Detroit’s street art scene over the past 20 years. The […]

NYPD Busts Texas Graffiti Writer With Almost 300 Cans Of Spray Paint In Brooklyn


A graffiti tagger suspected of defacing 26 subway cars in four boroughs has been busted — and police found 271 cans of spray paint in his Brooklyn apartment, police sources said Thursday. Visit for more information Jordan McConeghy, 26, was arrested in front of his Bedford-Stuyvesant building Wednesday morning. “He’s addicted to trains and […]

RM67’s Eclectic Elegance Fashion Runway Was A Hit In Philadelphia


Philadelphia was the place to be on Saturday as the University City-based Indigo Bleu Design & Culture Center housed its 2017’s spring and summer fashion. Visit for more information Packed to capacity, the show began with guests who were greeted in the lobby area with custom artwork from renowned street and graffiti artist, SEAL. […]

Check Out The Trailer For International Graffiti Documentary ‘Saving Banksy’


Graffiti, as defined in Webster’s, is the “illegal” marking on a wall or surface, but what happens if that marking is worth thousands and possibly millions of dollars? Visit for more information The Saving Banksy film, which is directed by Colin M. Day, exposes the hypocrisy and greed behind those who want to catch […]

Tags And Throws’ Summer In New York Series Finale “Bombing With ZEXOR”


In the final installment of Swede-based, the “Summer In New York” series takes a unique turn by revealing the identity of the last writer, ZEXOR, one of NYC’s few active second generation writers. Visit for more information ZEXOR, a Bushwick, Brooklyn native, is the son of late BK writer ASP WTO, who made […]

TagsAndThrows’ Summer In New York Part 4 “Bombing With EASY”


In’s fourth episode of their “Summer In New York” series, NYC veteran and graffiti legend EASY bombs up the five boroughs in a very rare interview. Easy has been in the graff game since 1983, which gives him approximately 33 years of bombing experience in NYC and abroad, which he articulates the how and […]

TagsAndThrows’ Summer In New York Part 3 “Bombing With KLOPS”


In the third installment of’s ‘Summer Of New York’, Queens writer KLOPS is the focus of why he does what he does the way he does it. Visit for more information Even though he’s a fairly new writer, KLOPS has gone “all-city” and has dropped more political pieces than any other millennial writer […]

TONIGHT! Matthew “ZEXOR” Rodriguez “Pick Your Poison” Art Exhibit In Brooklyn


NYC graffiti mainstay Matthew “ZEXOR” Rodriguez will be taking his work from the street to the gallery tonight in Bushwick, showing off his “Pick Your Poison” exhibit @ Paradise Plus NYC. Visit for more information Zexor, who recently has been featured on the Sweden-based’s “Summer In New York” as well as appeared in […]

TagsAndThrows’ Summer In New York Part 2 “Bombing With NEMZ”


In the second installment of’s ‘Summer Of New York’, new millennial writer NEMZ takes over the streets and explains to graff enthusiasts and what he defines as “graffiti groupies”, his perception of today’s graff in the city he calls home. Watch as a couple of other premier wall scrawlers appear in this edition including […]

US PREMIERE: TagsAndThrows’ Summer In New York Pt. 1 “Bombing With OJAE”


After filming graff documentaries featuring artists from all around the globe, Sweden-based brings it back to the Rotten Apple for their most recent graffiti doc series aptly entitled “Summer In New York”. This fivew-part series features some of NYC’s most prolific writers, setting it off with Brooklyn bombing vet OJAE FYC. Watch this never […]

The Tatted City: Tel-Aviv’s Street Art Creates an Outdoor Art Gallery

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Sandy beaches, the extravagant nightlife, and middle-eastern cultural hub are ways to easily describe the Israeli city of Tel-Aviv. Growing over the years from a small town to becoming the country’s second largest city, and global powerhouse in fashion, entertainment, and upscale lifestyle, has been essential in pushing the coastal city into the international spotlight. […]

Bowery Boogie Uncapped’s “Last Stop” Subway Art Exhibit (RECAP)


Last week at Lovecraft in the Lower East Side sectin of Manhattan, Bowery Boogie Uncapped presented another dope subway art/graffiti exhibit entitled “Last Stop”. Visit for more information Hosted by BBU’s Rebel Knowledge, the exhibit featured art and appearances from artists such as RISE, POET. NAT KOA, JESUS SAVES, AMUZE and other members of […]

“Training Days” Graffiti Show Sponsored By Bowery Boogie Uncapped (RECAP)


Hosted by Bowery Boogie Uncapped and curated by Rebel Knowledge, the “Training Days” graff show, which was held in LES NYC, attracted a large spectrum of art fans from across the city; some who could appreciate the fine art and other who could appreciate the legends who once ruled the streets. Visit for more […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Source Interview With Graffiti Legends CRASH And DAZE

Wild Style

When having a discussion about the advent of graffiti as an art form, which sprung from the ghettos of the South Bronx and the other boroughs around New York City, it’s hard to not talk about graff pioneers DAZE and CRASH. These two Brooklyn natives are among the first generation of artists to take graffiti downtown […]