French graffiti artist Tilt and Amaze-art join forces to come up with this sexy contemporary furniture piece dubbed “Alix”. Alix is a Chesterfield style sofa shaped in Tilt’s signature bubble letters and has been hand finished in France. Tilts couch is a example of art that has form as well as function and will be a part of Amaze-art’s artist series. If you need the perfect piece for your condo livingroom info on “Alix” can be found here: Amaze-art  -Roycer

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About The Author

Royce Bannon is a born and bred Harlem artist whose infamous Monsters can be seen pasted on doors and walls throughout the five boroughs. His iconic monsters are recognizable with their emotive eyes and, often, razor sharp teeth. As a member of the street art collective, Endless Love Crew, Royce has participated in various collaborative live paintings, group art shows, and solo art shows throughout New York and the world. On any given day you can find Royce painting monsters, silk-screening t-shirts, spraying stencils, or slapping stickers up on various spots in New York. Royce also curates shows that feature a variety of artists including fine, graffiti, and street.

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