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In honor of Women’s History Month, we wanted to salute an overlooked category of entertainers in today’s Hip Hop scene – the female DJ. We purposely put these into no particular order, even jumbling them around a few times, to convey a simple message – no matter who you are, if you are a DJ keeping the Hip Hop culture alive with real scratches, cuts, breaks, loops and every other aspect of what DJing is, We thank you. DJing is more than waving your hands in the air and looking busy, it’s an actual art form true to only a select few these days. With the wave of EDM and house music over-taking a lot of performances, the ladies on this list are often overlooked, and we can’t stand for that. The Source was there when Hip Hop began and we cannot forget where (and, more importantly, how) it started. Ladies, this one’s for you.

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Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM