leecy t

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After being chosen to mix the first mixtape for MC Lyte’s Hip Hop Sisters titled, “We Got Now Vol. I,” the future looked bright for model-turned-deejay Leecy T. With a garage full of vinyl, she stated “You could find anything in there from Mozart to AC/DC to The Beastie Boys to XTC to George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars.” She began to get intrigued, eventually obsessed with learning how to scratch, play and cut records. M-TRI, DJ and producer, eventually took her under his wing and showed her the ropes. She was a fast learner. Before you know it, the two shared the stage with Rah Digga, Eternia, Large Professor and Neek the Exotic, Sadat X, Dana Dane, Homeboy Sandman, Grand Wizard Theodore and Grand Master Caz, just to name a few. Several years, awards, recognitions, plaques, TV stations and magazine features later, Leecy T is STILL on the scene. It’s that type of motivation that inspires the next generation.