And just like that, the Phantom of the Pro-Op-Era, rises from the depths of vintage clothing shopping and posing with your favorite rappers to give us a taste of his upcoming album, B4DA$$. Joey Bada$$ is back in prime form with a dark thought provoking melody from Kirk Knight in tow. His flow has gained some density as he makes each word do the work of a few lines from his prior verses. This one is definitely for the backpack fan who loves to rewind line after line, especially with Joey egging you on to “Ch-ch-check it out.” I haven’t heard a more clever play on the phrase of “being lit” to date: “If I say it’s turned down, do I burn that sh*t?” This debut album may be the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

You can buy your copy of “Big Dusty” HERE.

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Bryan Hahn is considering starting a mob and calling his big, mindless crony Big Dusty. He’s also on Twitter when he doesn’t have stupid ideas (@notupstate).