The Apple company is pouring over $10 billion into its research and development department by 2016

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Successful research leads to the development of powerful products that with adequate marketing become things that American consumers suddenly just can’t do without. Apple plans to stay on the cutting edge of product development and some of this research is designed to affect and benefit iPhone users directly.

Via a ResearchKit app, iPhone users, who agree to receive a gene test, will spit into an apparatus and return it to an Apple-approved laboratory for DNA testing.


If you’re wondering why anyone would agree to such invasive science, scientists claim to be able to unearth a variety of markers for disease from reading a DNA sequence. Research participants can use their genetic data to learn of diseases they’re predisposed to and try to take preventive measures to stay healthy. Scientists also want to benefit the general public by learning of new uses for already FDA-approved drugs.

-Doprah No Filtah (@SNSNightlifeMag).