Supreme is a streetwear brand that can no longer be confined to the shackles of its streetwear categorization. The undisputed king of hip hop casual wear at the moment, the brand has redefined the very definition of emphatic dress. Appearing at Paris Fashion Week and the hood alike, its creative designs have transcended a New York T-shirt supplier into a revered global entity. One of the most lauded aspects of the edgy clothing outfitter is it’s ability to collaborate, namely with some of the giants of apparel and footwear manufacturing. Nike recognized Supreme’s potential early and together have crafted some of the most fervently sought after kicks respective fans have ever realized.  

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Murmurings have surfaced about the next step in Supreme’s though out Nike design. The Air Max 98 seems to be the selected sneaker and leaked images have arrived displaying a cream colored snakeskin overlaid runner as well as a triple black version of the athletic airs.  To understand the storied and fruitful relationship between Nike and Supreme that looks to continue into 2016 with the Air Max, we took a look back at the collaborative sneakers that brought the combination of clothing outfitters an undying reverence.