Today in Source News Flash: Just days after the release of Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, 2 Chainz surprised his fans with new video for “Blue Cheese” featuring Migos.
Pitchfork reports that Jay Z makes another change in his name, and bring back the hyphen and capitalizes all of the letters – from now on it’s JAY-Z.
Chris Brown and Ray J came together for a joint mixtape, Burn My Name.

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Perfect for the summer resort, the ABC Camo Beach Shorts by BAPE is launching in 3 different colors this week — blue, green, and pink.
Rihanna’s Puma Creeper is back in a new look, with heightened platform and orange colorway.

Police in northern Virginia say a man fatally beat a Muslim teenager with a bat during a weekend road-rage incident. But there’s no evidence the death of Nabra Hassanen, 17, who was attacked early Sunday as she and a group of teenagers walked back to a mosque, was a hate crime, authorities in Fairfax County said. Police said they could file appropriate charges if they later find the crime was motivated by hate.


Los Angeles Dodgers won the game yesterday against New York Mets, finishing with 10–6 score.

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