SZA is here to deliver another visual from her Grammy-nominated album, Ctrl.

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This time, the 27-year-old heads to the desert with TDE label mate Kendrick Lamar in her Nabil-directed “Doves In The Wind” video.

The visual begins with SZA hiking through mountains in the desert alongside as the TDE headmaster transforms into his Kung Fu Kenny alter-ego to mentor her. He does this while standing on a mountaintop tightening his skills. Lamar uses his kung fu prowess to make the beautiful novice’s journey difficult as possible until she meets him face-to-face. 


The New Jersey native does quick work of Kendrick’s guards who protect their “grandmaster’s” site. SZA then challenges Lamar to a one-on-one duel to test her new abilities. The young novice enhances her abilities and finishes Kendrick once and for all as he lies down on the ground, trying to understand what is going on. SZA then rises up into the sky as the video ends.

The TDE label mates last performed together for Coachella’s opening weekend set on April 13.