Words by Shatay Speights

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Professional tennis player Sloan Stephens has been tapped by NikeCourt to serve as the face of their Wimbledon 2018 collection.

Other brands, like Palace and Adidas, have also been debuting 2018 collections for athletes to wear at Wimbledon.


NikeCourt is the extension of Nike that is dedicated to preserving the spirit and ceremonial nature of tennis on and off the court. Their new collection, worn by the Miami and US Open champion, features a crisp, all-white look, as required by the Wimbledon tournament.

Wimbledon has the strictest dress code of all of the major Grand Slam tournaments. It is a tradition that dates all the way back to the 1800s when tennis was played at social gatherings. The sight of sweat spots seen through colored clothing, especially for women, was seen as improper. From there, the concept of “tennis whites” was born. The US Open allowed colored clothing in 1972.

The Florida native poses in NikeCourt’s new Slam Tank and Victory Skirt. Both pieces were created to aid her performance on the tennis court. Made from a stretchy, woven fabric that incorporates Dri-Fit technology, the new pieces are lightweight and offer sweat-free wear. Nike’s signature Swoosh design in black and gold are also additional elements, used as accents for a bit of flair to break up the monotony of the white color palette.

With the July championship right around the corner, take a look at some of the items that Stephens will be rocking as she makes her presence known on the tennis courts.

Fellow tennis champion Serena Williams will also be competing in the Wimbledon tournament. Who are you looking forward to seeing on the tennis courts?