Diggy Simmons has officially returned to music.

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After the release of his first single in six years, “It Is What It Is”, Diggy is back with his mellowed out bar heavy track “Anchors.”

The introspective track features Diggy flexing his verbal muscle, showing off his ability to flawlessly deliver conscious lyrics without preaching to his listeners. The violin disencumbered beat provides the perfect backdrop to his wordplay as he tells the story of his surroundings over the last six years.


“If you got a problem don’t blame me/ Take it up with God, but that’s dangerous/They see me shining so they tend to get anxious/But never shoot your shot without aiming/Even if you had the drop on me maybe/I ain’t leave the house without angels”

Earlier this month Simmons released his A Day in the Life web series that chronicles his journey to making the long-awaited follow-up to his debut album, Unexpected Arrival.

As previously reported, the first episode, titled “A18-001: Reality VS Perception”, showcases not only Diggy’s maturity as an artist but also the evolution of his style.

“This whole period is all about growth, transitioning, and getting out of my own way in order to be my best self,” Diggy said in a statement. “I started giving the right things attention. Self-love was a major concept for me. In order to share this message, I’m telling my personal experiences over musically rich production. It’s the sound I’ve been working towards for my whole career.”

Although no official release date has been revealed yet for his album, if the latest singles are a clue to the direction he’s heading we are definitely in for some potentially bar quotable material.

Check out “Anchors” below.