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Kobe to the Lakers in a return that would pair him with LeBron James is not happening. Kobe to the Big3 is not happening either. The Black Mamba will not be coming back and that’s directly from his own mouth.

While on the Rich Eisen Show, Kobe flat out tells all the basketball hopefuls that he will “never come back to the game.

“When I retired, everybody was saying, ‘He’s too competitive. He’s not going to know what to do with himself. He’s going to have to come back’,” Kobe shared “I took that as a personal challenge of them thinking I’m this one-dimensional person. That all I know is to dribble the ball, shoot the ball, play basketball and compete at that level.”


Leave it to Kobe to find a challenge in not playing basketball again. Ice Cube recently said in his interview on The Breakfast Club that you never know when a legend like Kobe will get that itch to come back and he will be there waiting.

Off the court, Kobe is doing pretty well. Earlier in the year, he added an Oscar to his trophy case and recently cashed in huge on an investment that he made in Body Armor.