Champs Sports has always been a go-to spot to hit up when you’re looking for fresh sportswear — the apparel and footwear selections are always on point! — and the latest offering from the nationwide retailer is an exclusive drop in collaboration with the good folks over at Nike.

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Billed as the Nike Hive Pack, the collaborative capsule gives us two iterations of the Air Max Plus silhouette. While the colors for both are very similar, more than likely to keep with the honeycomb theme, the distinction really comes into play when it comes to where the actual colors are placed on the silhouette. With one predominately black version and the other predominately white, both options allow to you to choose if you want to swag out this season rocking a dark and understated look or a more light and vibrant steez. Ultimately, it’s our choice.

Pick up both sneakers in the Nike Hive Pack for $160.00 USD each, available right now in-store and online. Get a look at the shoes and select pieces from the accompanying apparel below: