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It looks like DaBaby isn’t about to let up off his recent brawl in the Louis Vuitton store. After already immortalizing the moment on a set of T-Shirts, the Charlotte-bred MC is now making it the subject of his lighthearted new music video for the Baby on Baby album cut “Carpet Burn.”



Directed by ReelGoats, the visuals for “Carpet Burn” is a level of troll that would even make 50 Cent proud. While the first half falls more in line with the song’s lyrics — the video model makes a strong case for “cuffin” and “falling in love” after a rug burn-inducing romp! — the second half is where things get straight comical. The heavily-documented fight with fellow North Carolina rapper Cam Coldhart is recreated to a tee, including the ‘fits and post-fight fail where Coldhart is seen on the ground clinging on to the shorts around his ankles. If you need a good laugh today, or just want to see a good example of why it doesn’t pay at all to try and catch DaBaby slippin’, look no further.

Check out the music video for “Carpet Burn” right now, and stream DaBaby’s debut album Baby on Baby right now on all streaming platforms.