Babyface was set to deliver a Mother’s Day treat in breaking down and performing the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack, but it was derailed by the tragic death of his friend and industry giant Andre Harrell.

The performance is now back on as Babyface is aiming to celebrate the historic soundtrack this Sunday (April 24). Along with the announcement, Babyface joked about “share a little secret” on how to write a song for Toni Braxton.

“Hey everybody, 25 years ago or so I sat down with my guitar and started to write a song for Toni Braxton and the Waiting To Exhale movie project. Now when you’re writing a song for Toni you kinda gotta write in a specific way. So I’d like to share a little secret on how to write a song for Toni Braxton,” Babyface said. “First you need a glass of water. I prefer bottled water but in a pitch, I will use tap water. Second, take a sip and swallow but leave a little at the bottom of your mouth. This way they won’t completely understand the words you’re singing.”

You can see the announcement below.