What comes to mind when you think of happiness? Do you think your happiness will begin when you get that position you recently interviewed for or lose those 10 pounds? Here is the truth, happiness begins with you. It doesn’t start with another person, place, or thing it starts with the reflection in the mirror. Start now and make a commitment to finding your bliss.

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On your journey to happiness, there will be some challenges, roadblocks, and moments that will make you question yourself and purpose. Trust the process and understand that things happen for us and not to us.

You are wonderful and put on this earth for a specific and miraculous purpose, as you learn, grow, and figure it out never forget that happiness is your birthright.

Here are 15 ways to create happiness in your life
  1. Turn down the noise– There are so many distractions in life. With TV, radio, social media, and email, it is good to unplug if you can and really tap into your inner self to get aligned with yourself. This is a good time to do some journaling.
  2. Pray/Meditate – The universe knows what you need and want, ask, and be prepared to get it. It may not come in the way you expected or wanted but it is all aligned for a greater good.
  3. Seek gratitude – If you feel the world is unfair to you look around and see how you are treating the things around you. Be grateful for everything that you have at this moment.
  4. Know you are worth it – You are a product of this earth and were placed here and chosen for a specific reason. Find your purpose and let your light shine. Please don’t let your job title, person, and/or past disappointments determine your worth. “I am ___” is the most powerful statement you can make. Repeat affirmations daily. I am (wonderful, great, awesome, blessed, loved, grateful)
  5. Practice self-care – You can’t help anyone else fully and selflessly until you help yourself. Do things that will cultivate your wellness and continuous healing. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself well, you deserve it.
  6. Do something that scares you – Challenge creates growth.
  7. Be present – Focus on the present moment.
  8. Do things that matter to YOU –If it is important to you, unapologetically embrace it and do what matters to you.
  9. Stop Comparing Yourself to others – Before you talk about someone or wish your life was like theirs, walk in their shoes for a day.
  10. Be authentic – The world needs more truth, let it start with you in the most unapologetic way. Your truth and authenticity will attract similar people and circumstances.
  11. Learn to let go of what no longer serves you – If it doesn’t fulfill you, let it go. Life is too short to hold on to things that are not aligned with your miraculous self.
  12. Have fun – Play, laugh, create memories.
  13. Have healthy friendships –We all have casual friends, associates, work friends, and our true friends, understand the difference. Remember, if you have to question it, let it go.
  14. Move it – Exercise increases serotonin, this is a happy hormone. It is a great way to improve your health, mood, and energy level. Some good deep belly breaths will do wonders for the nervous system.
  15. Serve others – Helping others helps you in many ways.
Bonus: Forgive

Forgive yourself first and then anyone or anything that needs forgiving. It is a hard process but powerful. Holding on to past hurt poisons your soul. At times we go through painful lessons to can learn and heal. Be gentle with yourself and learn the beauty of letting go.

If you are wondering how to start, commit to one thing a week that makes you happy. Write it down and check-in at the end of the week. Write and reflect on what you did, how often, how you felt, and if you didn’t do anything tap into yourself and write down why.

About The Author

Dream big, stay humble, keep the faith, and reach beyond the stars. Peace and Blessings.

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