Asian Doll had more than enough to say on Sunday (Dec. 20) as she engaged in a Twitter war with Megan Thee Stallion and JT of City Girls. According to Asian Doll, she was the initial feature artist on Megan’s track, “Do It on the Tip.” When the final version appeared on Thee Stallion’s debut album, it featured City Girls. Asian didn’t take too kindly to that decision. First, she played the original version on Instagram, which led to the back and forth.

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While Asian sent verbal shots to both and Megan and City Girls, Quality Control Music Pierre “Pee” Thomas somehow caught a stray. According to Asian Doll, she alleged that the QC label boss had past relations with his artist, JT. The City Girls rapper quickly debunked that myth, calling out Doll for her lies.

Well, it looks like Asian Doll is taking back her false rhetoric after having a couple of days to cool off. In a since-deleted tweet, she issued an apology for QC’s Pee.


“I f*ck with you @qcm_p always had good vibes from you anything I said had nothing to do with you fasho.”

Although the Dallas native didn’t formally apologize for spreading false rumors, she clears to the air, leaving Thomas out of her beef with City Girls. Pee has yet to respond and it’s likely that he will.