Reebok has announced that Shaquille O’Neal’s coveted “Shaq Attaq” sneaker will make a comeback on September 23. This comes as Reebok continues to highlight its extensive basketball archive through the likes of Allen Iverson’s Question and Answer lines, the revolutionary Hurrikaze and Hurrikaze II, Dee Brown’s Pump Omni Zone II, and more.

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Shaq’s first signature shoe was the “Shaq Attaq,” which former Reebok designer Judy Close produced for the outsized rookie sensation in 1992. The design showcased Reebok’s creative approach to performance footwear by combining new “Shaq” branding components with cutting-edge Reebok technologies like a custom-fit Pump bladder and carbon fiber footplate. The footwear, most importantly, gave Shaq the best-in-class stability and comfort on the court as he destroyed countless rims, backboards, and records.

Arriving in adult unisex sizing, “Shaq Attaq” is set for an official global launch on September 23 from Athlete’s Foot, and other select retailers. You can see the sneaker below.

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