Critically acclaimed producer K-Salaam is back with a brand new bag, a new production partner, J.Dot.L, and a who’s who list of collaborators to close out the year. The first offering from this new partnership brings the team of Conway the Machine and The Outlawz’s Young Noble together for a tale about surviving life’s many adversities called “Grow Through It.” Against an impressive backdrop of soulful chord progressions, aggressive drums, and complex arrangements, the two lyricists wax poetic about weathering each storm, punctuated by a notable dose of turntable gymnastics.

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“Shit is fire, as you can expect.” Conway boasts of today’s release. “You (know) the names involved. It’s just that pain.” he continues. “Talking about how sometimes life comes at you from different directions but it’s a lesson it it all. You just gotta grow through that.”