Talib Kweli and Dom Lemon Argue Live on CNN

Talib Kweli had some issues with Dom Lemon regarding CNN’s coverage on whats been going on in Ferguson, MO. Everyone knows how strong of a voice Talib Kweli is within hip hop. He, like a few other rappers isn’t afraid to let you know what’s on his mind and tell you exactly how he feels. […]

Reports Of A Malaysia Airlines Plane Being Shot Down Are Surfacing

malaysa plane

Malaysia Airlines has suffered yet another tragedy A short while ago, reports began coming in from Ukraine that a Malaysia Airlines flight had crashed en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Via a report from CNN, the plane began coming apart “at altitude” after it lost contact with Malaysia Airlines, which confirmed that they couldn’t […]

Plane Carrying Top Laos Government Officials Goes Down Near Vietnam!

map laos

Early this morning, a plane in Laos, a small country in southeast asia went down killing major government leaders. At least four people were left dead, including  the deputy prime minister, governor and the minister of public security.  Known for being a small country with powerful communist force, the country has recently taken a stance […]

Chris Brown Admits To Violating Probation, Ordered To Serve A Year In Jail

cb jail

Chris Brown could be in some hot water, but he may not be. Chris Brown‘s experience with the legal system over the past few months hasn’t been favorable, but he may…may..have just caught a much needed break. Advertisement It is already too late for his most recent release date–RCA Records declared a few months ago […]

Common Gets Involved With Chicago’s Youth


The more the merrier.. Don’t you think it’s about time people reached out and paid greater attention to the crisis that’s been happening in Chicago lately? Well, so does the Mayor of Chicago. Rahm Emmanuel has reached out to others to help him, which is awesome. Watch as Common expresses with CNN the feeling of […]

Piers Morgan Is Signing Off Of CNN

piers morgan

Piers Morgan ended his CNN news show friday night with a bang! After three years on air, Piers Morgan Live, came to a close with a plea for stricter gun control laws. Gun legislation has always been a huge platform for Morgan, so it was no surprise that he ended his show on this level. […]

Chance The Rapper Featured On CNN’s ‘Chicagoland’ Documentary

chance ant

Over the course of a number of weeks, CNN has been detailing the current political and social situation happening in one of America’s biggest metropolitan areas, Chicago. Chicagoland is a documentary that looks into the Second City to figure out what exactly is going on and tells the story of those living in it, from politicians to […]

Chelsea Handler Shames Piers Morgan On His CNN Show


LOL Piers Morgan, Larry King‘s late night replacement on CNN, will end his 1 year run as CNN’s premier late night news talk show later this month, and unlucky for him, one of his guests as his demise draws near, was the “queen of late night”, Chelsea Handler. Advertisement Handler’s been in the headlines quite […]

Mandatory Drug Sentencing to be Revamped

Attorney General Eric Holder, unveiled a plan on Monday that the Justice Department will no longer pursue mandatory minimum sentences for certain low-level, nonviolent drug offenders. The ineffective three-strike law is finally being challenged. Holder notes that the United States “cannot prosecute or incarcerate” its way to becoming safer. Sincerity wrapped Holder’s statement as he […]

NCAA Hits PSU With Excessive Penalties

This Sunday, marking 6 months since Joe Paterno died of lung cancer, the 900-pound bronze statue of Penn State University’s ex-head football coach was removed. Paterno had won a record 409 games with PSU, dedicating 61 years of his life and coaching skills to their football team. Advertisement   Today, the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced […]

Yahoo Gets Hacked, Users Password’s Revealed!

According to reports from CNN, Yahoo was hacked and over 450,000 users’ login information was posted online. In a written statement, Yahoo stated that less than 5% of the breached Yahoo accounts had valid passwords. “At Yahoo! we take security very seriously and invest heavily in protective measures to ensure the security of our users […]

Video: Nas Talks Parenthood On Cnn

With Father’s Day approaching, Nas elaborates on his experience with parenthood and gives insights that many fathers can relate to. Nas touches on topics like the the complexity of raising a daughter as well as his upcoming Album, Life Is Good. Be sure to check out his video for his latest single ‘Daughters’. Advertisement Via:2DBZ