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Joe Budden Slams Adam22 For Posthumous Kevin Samuels Content

Joe Budden Joins Patreon As Head of Creator Equity

Kevin Samuel’s sudden death earlier this year was met with mixed reactions as some paid their respects to the controversial influencer while others celebrated his death. On the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe, Ice, and Ish paid their respects to Samuels, who actually guest starred on the podcast early last year. Visit for more information […]

Kevin Samuels’s Cause of Death Revealed to be Hypertension

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Kevin Samuels‘ cause of death was hypertension. According to TMZ, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office released the findings of his death, citing high blood pressure and no evidence of any suspicious circumstances. Visit for more information The Medical Examiner’s Office called the death of natural causes and revealed Samuels was taking a medication […]

[WATCH] Vivica Fox Says Kevin Samuels’ Death Was Due to “Karma”

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One of the 90s’ most prolific actresses showed no love was lost when speaking on the death of self-proclaimed relationship guru Kevin Samuels, who passed away this past week at 56 years old. The cause of his death has not yet been revealed. Visit for more information Many of his opposers, particularly Black women, […]

T.I. on Post-Death Critics of Kevin Samuels: “A Travesty of Justice”

T.I. Takes Aim At Sexual Assault Accusers In New Song: 'I’m Up Against Some Lyin’ A*s B*tches'

During his life, Kevin Samuels was a controversial figure online. In his death, Samuels has been attacked for his viral opinions. In response, T.I. hit Instagram with a demand to let Samuels rest in peace. Visit for more information “The shit is fucking a travesty of justice,” T.I. said. “I can’t stand it, I […]

Kevin Samuels Police Report Reveals He Was With 32-Year-Old Nurse Before He Died

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Self-described “relationship guru” and image consultant, Kevin Samuels has passed away at the age of 57-years-old. The popular YouTuber was known for his polarizing relationship advice, appearance ranking system and comments about Black women. “If you have made it to 35 and you are unmarried, you are a leftover woman. You are what is left. […]

Relationship Advisor And YouTube Star Kevin Samuels Dead At 56

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Though it has yet to be confirmed by his family, it has been widely reported that self-proclaimed relationship guru and image consultant Kevin Samuels has died. He was 56 years old. Visit for more information Several reports revealed that Melanie King, a friend of Samuels, said she received “family confirmation” that the creator of […]

[WATCH] Future Releases New Video “Worst Day” Feat. Kevin Samuels

Future Releases New Video "Worst Day" Feat. Kevin Samuels

Future’s new single “Worst Day” has arrived and it comes equipped with a therapy session with Dr. Kevin Samuels in the video. Visit for more information In the single, Future makes it clear that Valentine’s Day is the “Worst Day” as he feels that he is just used for the spoils of the day […]

Toxic All-Stars Future and Kevin Samuels Link to Promote “Worst Day” Single

Future and Kevin Samuels

Who allowed Future and Kevin Samuels to connect just days ahead of Valentine’s Day? Future is gearing up to release his new single “Worst Day” and to promote the released therapy session with romance expert Kevin Samuels. The promo video is called “Healing Together with Dr. Kevin Samuels.” Visit for more information In the […]

[WATCH] Dating Coach Kevin Samuels Tells Joe Budden Why He Rates Saweetie A 6

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‘Dating consultant’ Kevin Samuels sat down with Joe Budden on The Joe Budden Podcast and shared that he rates rapper Saweetie an adjustable 6.He then commenced to rate several celebrity women and what they are worth based on his scale. He said that women think they are 10’s but it’s simply not true. Visit […]