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In the midst of Russell Westbrook’s career defining game, Charles Barkley lends KD some advice

Last night was nothing short of spectacular, as OKC’s Russell Westbrook turned the NBA hardwood into his personal playpen in which he scored 54 points in a tough loss against the Indiana Pacers. Now despite going off against the Indiana Pacers, the guard got a technical foul (which was later overturned today) which caused his right-hand man and teammate Kevin Durant to tweet out his frustrations with the deplorable call. After getting retweeted about 11,000 times, the news caught the notice of NBA great and TNT analyst Charles Barkley and it seems “Sir Charles” had some words for Kevin Durant on how to handle himself on social media.

In an interview with’s Richard Deitsch, Charles had this to say:


I saw Kevin Durant arguing with people not too long ago. Kevin Durant is a great, great player and great guy. So some kid he played against in high school made a thing that he kicked all of these NBA guys’s butts in high school and he put KD in there. Meanwhile, this guy is like a plumber. So Kevin Durant and this guy are arguing with each other and I am reading this in a newspaper thinking, ‘Dude, you are Kevin Durant. Why are you arguing with a plumber? (There’s nothing wrong with being a plumber, I might add) but you are Kevin Durant!’ Same thing with RGIII and Colin Kaepernick. I’m like, ‘Dudes, why are you arguing with someone on the Internet?’ I always use this analogy when it comes to sports fans: Just because you watch Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t mean you can perform an operation.

Now I don’t know if Charles is the guy you should be getting media training from, but from the outside looking in, it seems like Charles Barkley has KD’s best interest in mind. To be frank, these days athletes tend to tweet things that get them in trouble or front page news so I guess in a weird and introspective way Charles Barkley has a point.

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