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Stanley Cup Finals (Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning)


The biggest stage for anyone who put on a pair of skates and shoulder pads has arrived. The Stanley Cup Finals plays finale to a impressive NHL playoffs that acquired some new fans. Representing the Eastern Conference is the Tampa Bay Lightning. From strangers to the big stage, the Lightning were able to upset #1 ranked and defending Eastern Conference champions New York Rangers. The Lightning have some studs in Steven Stamkos and Tyler Johnson who are amongst the league’s best players. Meanwhile, the Chicago Blackhawks are slowly become a regular at the Stanley Cup. Representing the Western Conference, the Blackhawks are just a talented team from top to bottom. Led by center Johnathan Toews, defensemen Duncan Keith and wingman Patrick Kane, Chicago are prone to light it up, within a blank of a eye. Other than their swaggy sweaters becoming apart of the fashion culture, Chicago are the new generation powerhouse who shows no signs of letting up. So far, the Blackhawks leads the series 1-0. Even though this has been an exciting NHL playoffs, it’s sad that it’s spotlight will be foreshadowed thanks to the NBA Finals. After all, fans watch hockey for the fighting rather than the skill stick work these players exhibits. But don’t be surprise you see Barry Melrose pop up on your screen presenting a full in-depth coverage of a classic game that we missed from watching Bron Bron and Steph Curry do battle against one another. Hockey tend to have those rare night where you have to say to yourself……One day I have to check it out. Keep your eyes and minds open fans.