Mulatto is one of 2020’s breakout rap stars. Since stepping onto the scene, she has collaborated with Gucci Mane, City Girls, 2 Chainz, 21 Savage, and more. She even received high praise from rap legend Nicki Minaj. Nicki’s tweet is even Mulatto’s header image on Twitter. With an impressive start to her career, the sky is the limit.

With success comes public scrutiny as people watch and listen to your every move in this heightened digital age. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Mulatto came to terms with the fact that her name is offensive. The term mulatto derived during United States slavery. It is a term used to describe mixed-race people that includes white European and Black roots. Therefore, she is considering a name name change.

“It is a controversy that I hear and see every day as far as my name goes,” said the 21 year-old rapper. “So I would be lying to say no I never thought of that. But I can’t say too much right now, because it’s going to be a part of something bigger.”


Well her prediction came true after stepping into a chat room on the ever-growing Clubhouse app to connect with her fans and more. After the CH conversation, it was alleged that the “Muwop” rapper stated that “colorism isn’t real.” These reported comments sent Twitter into a frenzy. Many begin to label Mulatto as a colorist and calling for the same energy given to Doja Cat following her participation in racist chat rooms.

Big Latto later took to her Twitter to deny these alleged statements.


She also urged people to “stop with the false narrative.”