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Today in Hip Hop History: MF DOOM Releases ‘MM…FOOD’ 12 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop history independent underground legend MF DOOM released his fifth studio album, second under the name MF DOOM, MM…FOOD. Riddled with metaphors comparing the rap game to a fine dinning experience, MM…FOOD is another notch on DOOM’s belt of eclectic hit albums. Visit for more information As the well awaited follow-up […]

Today in Hip Hop History: KMD Releases Debut ‘Mr. Hood’


On this day in Hip Hop history, duo KMD released its debut LP Mr. Hood. Although it may not have had much commercial success, Mr. Hood ushered in the career of one of Hip Hop’s most respected figures, MF DOOM. Visit for more information Mr. Hood came at a time in Hip Hop culture […]

Today in Hip Hop History: Madvillain Drops Madvillainy 12 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop history, the infamous duo of the super villain MF DOOM and Hip Hop super producer Madlib joined forces to release their first collaborative project, Madvillainy. As a tandem, DOOM and Madlib make up the dastardly Madvillain, one of the most prolific two-man crews in rap. Visit for more […]

Concrete Canvas: Distortedd


The world is not always a beautiful place. Artists from every generation have used art to encapsulate the twisted and the not-so-beautiful — from Salvador Dali’s mind-warping surrealist portraits to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s unpolished, abstract scrawlings. The beauty of art is that it is its own dimension. One in which reality and a person’s perception of […]

Today In Hip Hop History: MF DOOM Releases His ‘MM..FOOD’ LP 11 Years Ago


On this date in 2004, MF DOOM dropped his fifth full length studio release MM..FOOD. Put out on the underground Rhymesayers Entertainment label, some songs from the project were previously released under the name Madvillian on another label. The album featured classic samples from several superhero cartoons including the Fantastic Four, Spiderman and Superman. Visit […]