Sexual Harassment

SOURCE SPORTS: NFL Player Says He Was Sexually Harassed During Flight

An NFL player had a disturbing United Airlines flight and is now suing the airline. He alleges that he was sexually harassed, assaulted and violated by a female passenger on a February flight from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey. The worst part: he claims the airline failed to properly respond to complaints. Filed on […]

Diddy Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit With Former Chef

Diddy has reached a settlement with his former personal chef who filled a lawsuit against the founder of Bad Boy Entertainment for sexual harassment and forcing her to work overtime without proper payment. NBC Los Angeles reports, In her suit filed in May 2017 plaintiff Cindy Rueda alleged she often worked long hours and traveled […]

Touré Accused of Sexual Harassment Amid ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Premiere

Touré Accused of Sexual Harassment Amid 'Surviving R. Kelly' Premiere

Touré, the veteran journalist and one of many participants in the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, was accused of sexual harassment. A makeup artist named Dani alleged that he repeatedly made inappropriate comments and asked her sexual questions. Mouse Jones promoted an upcoming episode of The Clubhouse featuring Touré and Jamilah Lemieux. Dani commented: Every Monday […]

McDonald’s Employees are Boycotting Against Sexual Harassment at Work

McDonald's Employees Are Boycotting Against Sexual Harassment at Work

McDonald’s employees in over 10 cities will walk out today over claims that the drive-thru food monster isn’t doing what they should avoid sexual harassment. 25 ladies filed complaints against the chain, claiming it neglected to enforce the rules that are in place in regards to the behavior that has been going on. The ladies […]

Morgan Freeman’s Attorney Demands Retraction of CNN’s Sexual Harassment Story

Morgan Freeman's Attorney Demands Retraction of CNN's Sexual Harassment Story

Morgan Freeman isn’t going down without a fight. His attorney issued a statement demanding CNN to retract the story. The Oscar winner’s lawyer, Robert M. Schwartz, penned a letter to CNN president Jeff Zucker,  arguing that the article saying that Freeman sexually harassed eight women was “used to unjustly attack him.” He adds that the piece has, “…malicious intent, falsehoods, […]

Update: Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape, Out On $1 Million Bail

Update: (5/25) Weinstein officially turned himself into New York authorities early this morning at approximately 9:25 a.m. He was escorted into Manhattan criminal courtroom AR-1 in handcuffs by a Sgt. Keri Thompson and Detective Nicholas DiGuiadio, who work in NYC’s Special Victims Unit. Weinstein’s attorney, Benjamin Brafman, accompanied him as he stood in front of Judge […]

VISA Parts Ways With Morgan Freeman Amid Sexual Allegations

VISA Parts Ways With Morgan Freeman Amid Sexual Allegations

Morgan Freeman and VISA have a long relationship, with the actor appearing in many of the credit card’s commercials. However, multiple women have came forward blaming the 80-year-old of sexual harassment, and VISA decided to step back. The credit card company’s spokeswoman issued the following statement: “We are aware of the allegations that have been […]

Multiple Women Reportedly Accuse Morgan Freeman of Sexual Misconduct

Multiple Women Reportedly Accuse Morgan Freeman of Sexual Misconduct

Morgan Freeman is the latest Hollywood heavyweight to be accused of sexual misconduct. 16 people spoke to CNN about the actor’s alleged inappropriate behavior. Eight claim to be victims, while the other half are witnesses. A young production assistant says that she was subject to months of sexual harassment while working on set of Freeman’s […]

Hollywood’s Top Women Launch Initiative to Stop Sexual Harassment

Some of Hollywood’s most powerful women have teamed up to launch an initiative aimed at combating sexual harassment inside and outside their industry after an avalanche of allegations set in motion by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. In a full-page open letter published in Monday’s New York Times, 300 prominent actresses, female agents, writers, directors, producers […]

MC Lyte Clears Up Comments About Flirting at the Workplace

MC Lyte was in the hot seat after she said that there’s a thin line between flirting and sexual harassment. She suggested that the line is determined by the person’s level of attraction to the other. “Sexual harassment or flirting – probably determined whether she likes him,” she wrote in the caption for an Instagram post. […]

NBC Paid Severance To Producer Who Accused Chris Matthews Of Sexual Harassment

A former MSNBC assistant producer reportedly received a settlement of $40,000 after filing a complaint against Hardball host Chris Matthews claiming sexual harassment and inappropriate comments. The woman said Matthews, now 71, had at the time made offensive jokes both to her and about her to others. She brought the incident to the attention of […]

Mary J. Blige Dressed Like A Tomboy To Shield Herself From Harassment

The R&B songstress opened up about her own experience in the entertainment industry. In a roundtable discussion for The Hollywood Reporter, Mary J. Blige joined actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Allison Janney, and Saoirse Ronan to discuss sexual harassment in Hollywood. When asked about her thoughts about the staggering number of sexual assault […]