Five Tips That Will Help You Calm Down

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We are in some uncertain times. We hear this so much it sounds cliché. The truth is life is always uncertain. This year, it feels like the collective rug of any type of comfort has been pulled from under us and the next question remains, now what? Visit for more information The one thing […]

Hood Health 101: My Neck And My Back…Handling The Body Aches

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Your neck hurts. Your back hurts. You don’t have a job with heavy lifting. Despite the game they try to run on you, it ain’t all due to age. A lot of it comes from unintended stress that is placed on the neck and back due to lifestyle choices. Visit for more information That […]

Hood Health 101: Stress on My Shoulders: How to Re-Up

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We all experience stress on some level and in actuality, stress can be healthy. It can be used as motivation when working under pressure. Too much stress however, can literally harm you…or someone else. Do you ever get to the point where you feel like you just want to give up? Do you ever feel […]

Hood Health 101: How To Handle Your Business Before Your Business Handles You

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This edition of HoodHealth approaches ways to overcome the stressors of everyday living that may cause procrastination Visit for more information It’s normal to put things off sometimes, but straight procrastination is unproductive. Xzibit told you to handle your business before your business handles you. So, why aren’t you? Are you suffering from Chronic […]