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I’m the doobie scholar/ Old foreign white shooters, Tom Gugliotta- Action Bronson

Another dope week of sports went in the record books as the debates at the workplace and barbershops continue to heat up. The Source Sports own Omari White was able to sit down, take a heap of all the moments that made fans scream higher than a Mariah Carey high note while bringing tears down to their faces. After all, there were series defining situations that happened last week where you just have to grab a tissue, let your thug tears down and just get ready for next year.




1. Game 6&7 Of The Western Conference Semifinals (Houston Rockets vs. LA Clippers)

If you are a true hoop fan such as myself, all you can do is just shake your head in total disbelief and disappointment. While all credit goes to the outstanding fight and perseverance Houston put up, this was a series the Clippers actually lost. In fact, the Clippers lost this series at the closing minutes of the 3rd quarter of Game 6. By the Rockets going on a 41-13 run without their superstar MVP runner-up in James Harden goes to show you that the Clip show doesn’t have that killer instinct to be heavy contenders in the NBA. Game 6 was the true series clincher for the Rockets as they were able to completely kill what the Clippers had left. A scrappy Corey Brewer, slept on Josh Smith and a quiet sniper in Jason Terry proved to America that coach Kevin McHale has a serious arsenal of weapons he can turn to whenever “FEAR THE BEARD” and “Superman” are having a quiet night. Next up, a battle for all the marbles and a trip to the Western Conference Finals versus the Golden State Warriors. Expect a shootout as the top 2 MVP candidates will be going at it like a Marco Antonio Barrera/Erik Morales slug fest. As for the Clippers, this offseason should be used to find some soul searching as it’s looking like CP3 may need to holla at his twin bro Cliff for further help. DeAndre needs to hit up the Modell’s Sporting Goods store to invest in a free throw shooting attribute while Blake just has to continue to do what he’s been doing; and that is to improve on his game much more and continue to be a beast down in the post. Until then, FEAR THE BEARD vs. Chef Curry. This should be a epic series, folks!