Floyd Mayweather

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This list would not be incomplete if Floyd “Money” Mayweather were not present. Having an unblemished record 49-0 and a net worth of $400 Million, that kind of wealth comes with a few perks and he makes sure that we all know it. With a 31-person entourage, fleet of luxury vehicles and enough jewelry to make Queen Elizabeth blush, Mayweather’s ostentatious nature makes him one of the most polarizing faces in sports. At 38 years-old, the champion boxer’s name has become synonymous with affluence and arrogance, the latter of which makes casual boxing fans tune into his bouts in hopes he will suffer his first defeat. That won’t be happening anytime soon, as the champ has recently announced his retirement, but don’t expect his visibility to lessen because of it. Floyd never saw a camera lens he didn’t like, especially if it is focused on him. Anyone who repeatedly refers to themselves in the 3rd person clearly doesn’t have any inklings of low self-esteem. In many eyes, Floyd might be the personification of the word “diva.”