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It appears everywhere that 6ix9ine goes there is some sort of trouble that isn’t too far behind. This time the crew of the controversial rapper had an encounter with people associated with Fetty Wap, which led to shots fired.

TMZ reports the latest incident in a long line of those revolving around Tekashioccurredd in Los Angeles. The rapper was scheduled to link with Fetty Wap at a studio but was denied entry from Fetty’s team leading to a rift and rounds of gunfire being let off in the area.

The commotion led to a call to the police by others in the area, however, the scene was bare, other than shell casings, once authorities arrived. A source to TMZ reports Fetty Wap actually wasn’t in Los Angeles when the shooting occurred and both crews have been together on social media recently.

In other 6ix9ine news, he has refueled his beef with Chicago rappers. This time, he had a few words for Cheif Keef and Lil Reese via Instagram.


Chicago’s rap scene gained national attention years ago highlighted by “drill music,” a style which boasts big guns and multi-round ammunition. However, 6ix9ine says “Nobody gives a fuck about what y’all n—as was doing three years ago.” Furthermore, he claims they aren’t living what they rap.

With Cuban Doll sitting by his side, he continues the spicy talk. Things intensify he says “f–k Cheif Keef, f–k Lil Reese, f–k all them n—as!” At that point, Cuban Doll takes her puppy and walks off screen. 6ix9ine encourages them to pull up to New Jersey if they have a problem. He made it clear he has the support of his brothers.

Ironically, in the video shared before the spice talk, he acknowledged the success of his latest single “Tati,” achieving over 10 million streams without beef promotion. Now, he has posted a video of Tadoe calling in to address the reemergence of the beef. They go back and forth while 6ix9ine wants him to pull up.

Lil Reese issued a simple warning shared on Instagram saying, “Don’t say shit cause it sound good make sure you mean that shitt…”

Glory Boyz boss Cheif Keef simply responded: “Police Ass” which was shared on his Instagram story. Clearly, he’s not a fan of trading blows across social media.

Let’s see if this moves the Glory Boyz collective to respond with music.

The headlines don’t stop for 6ix9ine, he may have patched up his beef with Casanova but the rainbow-haired rapper can add Ace of Diamonds strip club to the list of places that he cannot go in New York City. For those keeping tabs, Barclays Center is on that list as well.

This story features contributions from Corey Copeland.