With a plethora of buzz building and new doors being opened up, there is a lot to be excited about and to keep up with for the rising artist out of Indiana. Meet upcoming independent artist, Fly Nai. Reigning out of a small town in Indiana, Fly Nai has all the skill sets and resources to be the high-impact public figure he is on course to be.

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Rapping since 14 years old, Fly Nai has been developing his craft since a young age. His first showcase was opening up for Texas rapper Mike Jones in 2013. Since then, he’s gone to college and pursued a degree in music production where he was able to fine-tune his skills. That is where he met friend and producer Evo, and together they created his first Single “All To Myself” in 2014. Realizing his talents, he left school to do what he loves full time. He knew what it took. Sacrificing time, money and relationships, Fly Nai has been doing everything it takes to persevere and be in the position he is now.

Fly Nai makes it a priority to have fun with creating even through all the trials and tribulations. He makes it a focus to stay true to himself which allows him to enjoy the process and take the learning lessons as they come. He explains, “This world is one huge whirl spin and you can get tossed and turned losing direction, sometimes forgetting who we are and what our purpose is.  Making us feel like we can’t be who we want to be without being judged. Things like family, home-cooked meals, doing what you love, God, keeps me rooted enough to know who I am and where I wanna be. Those essentials play a major role in my life and helped me overcome a lot of obstacles.”


With his new EP release “Eternal Session”, Fly Nai brings a smooth delivery over catchy hooks for a vibe that brings enjoyment to life. His goal is to have listeners feel the good vibes and the good days. He hopes his music can help take the trouble and anxiety out of people and to help them enjoy life instead of fearing it. Sharing experiences and being relatable with a vibe they can enjoy too. Fly Nai explains, that not every day is sunshine and rainbows, but you can’t forget about the good times.

Fly Nai is here for the long run. He knows that it’s not a sprint but a marathon. He is blessed to share his talent to the world and enjoy the journey and spread love and positivity. He has tons of new releases coming that his fans can be excited about and look forward to.

Keep up with Fly Nai on Instagram here. You can also stream his catalog on Spotify here.