[Update] Body Count of Orlando Shooting Climbs To 50

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Dubbed the “worst terror attack in U.S. History since 9/11,” the Orlando, Fla. nightclub shooting early Sunday, June 12 has left 50 people dead and 53 injured. Considering it was a gay club, it poses the questions, “Was it a hate crime?” or “Was it an act of terrorism?” It’s possibly both. According to CNN, […]

Police Recover Human Body In The Mouth Of An 8-Foot Alligator

The body of a white male was discovered in the mouth of an 8-foot alligator in Lakeland, Florida on Tuesday [June 7] after Sgt. Gary Gross responded to the scene at Lake Hunter. According to NBC News, someone called 911 and reported the vicious site to authorities. Once they arrived, Sgt. Gross recovered a man who had […]

A Tribute To Kimbo Slice


Professional fighter Kimbo Slice passed away late last night [Monday, June 6] aged 42 in Coral Springs, Florida. Slice was a professional mixed martial artists born Kevin Ferguson on February 8, 1974 in the Bahamas. Slice started as a backyard fighter and his increasing internet popularity ultimately drove him to fame. He fought his way […]

Auction for Gun Used to Kill Trayvon Martin Appears To Have Been Halted

Martin Zimmerman Gun Sale

George Zimmerman‘s online auction to sell the gun that was used to kill an unarmed Black teenager, Trayvon Martin, appears to have been halted and removed from the GunBroker website just minutes after the auction was supposed to begin, according to the Associated Press. The auction was set to begin today [Thursday, May 12] at […]

Boat of Missing Florida Teens Found; Boys Presumed Dead


According to the parents of one of the boys, the boat carrying Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, the two Florida teens lost at sea last summer, and an iPhone belonging to one of them has been found. A Norwegian research vessel Edda Fjord was on its way back to Norway on March 18, about 100 miles off the coast […]

Cocaine Cereal: Breakfast of Champions?

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If coffee doesn’t do the job, a cereal box full of cocaine definitely will. That’s what Efren Zuniga, 19 and Jose Moreno, 24 must have had in mind when they decided to smuggle drugs inside of a box of Honey Golden Grahams, or this case, “Golden Grams.” The “clever” pair were caught by Crescent City, Fla. […]

Bernie Sanders Galvanizes Support In Rallies Across Florida

Following his upset win against Hillary Clinton in Michigan this past week, Bernie Sanders is going harder than ever before. As the election nears March 15, where states similar to Michigan, including Florida will be set to vote, Senator Sanders has been traveling across the Sunshine State garnering support that he’ll need to continue to […]

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Trial Begins Today

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Former professional wrestler Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan entered the St. Petersburg, Fla., Pinellas County courtroom clad in all black, the Associated Press reported, with a cross necklace and bandana. He didn’t make any statements, but his confidence was already apparent from that tweet to his 1.4 million followers earlier that day. Time for the […]

Man Arrested For Tossing Alligator Into Wendy’s Drive-Thru


This guy must’ve not liked what was on the menu. A Florida man was arrested and charged with aggrevated assault with a deadly weapon and a slew of other charges when he threw a live alligator into the drive-thru window of a Wendy’s Restaurant near Loxahatchee, Florida. 23 year old Joshua James was charged with aggravated […]

Florida Teenager Claims $2 Million Powerball Winning Ticket


A teenager that had never played the lottery before has come forward to claim the $2,000,000 Powerball prize in Sanford, Florida from Wednesday’s drawing. Frederick Walker, 19, had a ticket that matched all five of the white balls, but did not match the Powerball. Good thing Walker added the Power Play feature added to his […]

Heroin Delivered Wrapped In A Burrito In Florida

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Police in Bradenton, Florida are searching for the person who delivered a package of heroin and a syringe wrapped in a burrito to the Blake Medical Center, near Sarasota. The man, who allegedly identified on a surveillance camera inside of the hospital, gave the bag containing a burrito to a hospital employee and said that […]