ATL Mayor Gets N-Word Text For Opposing Gov. Kemp’s Reopening of Georgia

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During these difficult times for the entire nation, the scourge of racism is an absolute abomination, but some racist opposition to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms and her stance on reopening Georgia has reared its ugly head. Bottoms, who is in staunch opposition to Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to reopen the state and its non-essential businesses, […]

Omarosa Teases Release of Audio of Trump Using N-Word

OmarosaTeasesReleaseofAudioofTrumpUsingN Word

Omarosa Manigault-Newman is spilling tea about the alleged tape recording where President Donald Trump is using the N-word. The former Celebrity Apprentice star and White House staff says that she thinks the footage would be leaked around midterms. “I believe the people who have it will release it around the midterms.” She adds, “Soon, I believe […]

John Schnatter, Papa John’s Founder is Suing Papa John’s

John Schnatter, Papa John's Founder is Suing Papa John's

In a strangely meta lawful move, Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter, has filed a claim against his own pizza chain, asserting that the organization neglected to give an adequate reaction to a past demand for interior archives identified with their choice to have him removed recently. Soon after Forbes published a report asserting that Schnatter […]

Is President Trump Heard Saying The N-Word On Former Lawyer’s Secret Tapes?


It is now being revealed that former lawyer to President Donald Trump is in possession of dozen of secretly recorded conversations and according to his history, it’s highly likely that Trump has slid an N-word or two in his conversations pertaining to African-Americans and in particular, his political enemies. Federal investigators obtained more than 100 […]

Jamie Foxx Defends Quentin Tarantino’s Excessive Use Of The N-Word

JamieFoxxDefendsQuentinTarantino’sExcessiveUseOfTheN Word

Jamie Foxx starred in 2012’s Django Unchained, a film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino that followed an escaped slave getting his revenge. The movie used the n-word over 100 words, which is nothing new for Tarantino—his movies have always been packed with it. And now, Foxx is defending Tarantino. In an an interview with […]

Papa Johns Founder Claims he Was Pressured to Use the N-Word

PapaJohnsFounderClaimsheWasPressuredtoUsetheN Word

The disgraced founder of Papa Johns decided that he should play the victim in his controversial situation. Prior this week, John H. Schnatter resigned as the organization’s director after he confessed to dropping the N-word amid a phone call with an advertising office. The 56-year-old tycoon presently asserts his words were taken outside of context to […]

Papa John’s Founder Resigns After Saying N-Word During Media Training Session

PapaJohn'sFounderResignsAfterSayingN WordDuringMediaTrainingSession

John Schnatter has now surrendered as the chairman of Papa John’s International. An announcement from the organization says that “the independent directors of the company have accepted the resignation.” Schnatter has conceded that the report about the hostile and bigot dialect he utilized on the Papa John’s telephone call is valid. “News reports attributing the use […]

Netflix Fires Head of PR for Using N-Word in Meeting


Netflix was under fire earlier this year after actress and comedienne Mo’Nique accused the streaming network of racially and sexually biased towards Black women. Now, the digital company is in headlines once again after announcing the dismissal of its PR Chief, Jonathan Friedland. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively announced the news this afternoon. A “lengthy internal […]

Kendrick Lamar Halts Performance of White Fan After ‘N-Word’ Use


A story floating around social media this morning revolves around Kendrick Lamar and a fan who made one of the worst decisions she could on stage. This past weekend Lamar was the headliner of Hangout Festival and reviews stated he was stellar as expected. In a bit of crowd interaction the DAMN. rapper brought fans […]

Here’s How Amine Feels About His Non-Black Fans Using the N-Word

Here'sHowAmineFeelsAboutHisNon BlackFansUsingtheN Word

It’s a lot of controversy now a days about who can and cannot use the N-Word. Amine performed his hit single, “Caroline” and weighed in on the conversation. The Oregon rapper did a mash up of his hit singles, “Spice Girl” and “Caroline” for NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series. Amine was backed by a band […]

President Obama Drops the “N-Word” During Conversation on Race

obama n wrod

Barack Obama doesn’t bleep out the most controversial word in America, and he’s taking heat for it Over the past few days, politicians, news anchors and cultural critics have been discussing race issues at length in light of the tragic shooting at Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina, and President Barack Obama has not abstained. […]