R. Kelly Skips Federal Court Due To Toe Infection


According the R. Kelly’s Lawyer Steven Greenberg, the R&B legend missed his court date today in Chicago because if an infection on one of his toenails that had to be removed. The singer was concerned that someone might step on his infected toe during his court visit, so he opted with his absence and is […]

R. Kelly to Request Dismissal of Child Porn Conspiracy Charges


R. Kelly is still locked up in downtown Chicago but is currently attempting to have some of the charges he is facing dismissed. According to Bossip, lawyers for the singer filed a motion to dismiss charges related to his federal child porn case, using the same details in the motion that was filed by his […]

R. Kelly’s Request for Bail for Health Reasons is Denied

R. Kelly's Bail is Denied

A Brooklyn judge denied R. Kelly’s bail on Wednesday. The disgraced singer is facing federal crimes for sexual assault in New York and Chicago. Prosecutors think that he’s a flight risk, but his lawyers argued that he doesn’t have money to leave if he wants to. But Judge Ann Donnelly noted that the “I Believe […]

R. Kelly Requests Release from Jail to Tend to His Failing Health


R. Kelly is heading back to court in another attempt to be released from jail, this time citing his failing health. TMZ details Kelly’s lawyer filed documentation that state he is suffering from numbness in one of his hands, anxiety and an untreated hernia. The health of Kelly is stated to not be receiving the […]

Woman Who Paid R. Kelly’s $100K Bond in February Wants Her Money Back


A few arrests ago, R. Kelly was freed on a $100,000 bond by a Chicago-area woman named Valencia Love. She is now wanting to get the money back after the singer was indicted. The arrest the bond was posted for charged Kells with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sex abuse. She was criticized online and […]

Minnesota Judge Issues Bench Warrant for R. Kelly for Not Showing Up to Court

Minnesota Judge Issues Bench Warrant for R. Kelly for Not Showing Up to Court

R. Kelly is sitting in a cell in Chicago for his recent sex crime charges but was issued a bench warning for failing to appear before a Minnesota judge. However, this time it wasn’t the singer’s fault. He literally lost his freedom and it was the detention center’s responsibility to transport him to his court […]

R. Kelly Reportedly Denied Conjugal Visits With Both Girlfriends

R. Kelly Reportedly Denied Conjugal Visits With Both Girlfriends

R. Kelly is sitting behind bars waiting for his trial for pending federal sex crimes, and every other day he seems to be making a new headline. It was recently reported that he was transferred from solitary confinement to the general population, where he is more comfortable at and still considers himself a legend among […]

R. Kelly Reportedly Still Considers Himself a Legend in Chicago Detention Center


R. Kelly has been moved out of solitary confinement into the general population in a Federal Chicago detention center, and he’s reportedly fearless because he feels like he’s still considered a legend there. The type of charges the disgraced singer is in the slammer for usually makes you a target in jail, like pedophilia, but […]

Judge Sets R. Kelly’s Federal Trial Date for April 2020

R. Kelly Vows to Wear GPS, Stay Away From Minors if Released

The impending trial for R. Kelly now has a trial date. A judge in Chicago has set the federal case to begin on Apri 27, 2020. Kelly is facing charges of child pornography and obstruction of justice. Fox News Chicago details the date could be moved since he faces cases that are similar in three […]

R. Kelly’s Request to be Moved to General Population Granted


R. Kelly has received his wish and is moved to the general population of his the federal jail in downtown Chicago, where he will spend his time waiting on trial for his sexual abuse case. Prosecutors fought against R. Kelly who stated he was involuntarily being held in solitary confinement. The Chicago Tribune reveals there […]

R. Kelly’s Girlfriends Are Trying to Raise Money for More Legal Help


Last month a report released stating R. Kelly was hoping to hire Thomas Mesereau, the attorney who helped Michael Jackson during his 2005 child molestation trial. Many people pointed to the cost of such high-class of attorney as a hurdle, but Kelly’s girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, are reportedly working to raise the money […]

R. Kelly Submits Request to Be Placed in General Population


Remember when R. Kelly requested to be placed in solitary confinement? He is now singing a different tune and wants to be placed in the general population. TMZ details legal documents filed by Kells’ legal representation claiming the solitary area is designed for punishment. (Duh, it’s solitary.) Reasons for removal from solitary include no time […]

R. Kelly’s Attorney Says He’s Unable to Read Fan Mail Because He’s Illiterate

R. Kelly's Attorney Says he's Unable to Read Fan Mail Because he's Illiterate

R. Kelly, who was once hailed as the King of R&B, was convicted of sexual misconduct charges and is sitting in a jail cell miserably, according to his attorney. The singer’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, did an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times and said his “soft-spoken” client, who is “basically illiterate” can’t read his fan mail […]

Prosecutors are Seeking to Seal R. Kelly’s Medical Records to Expedite Case

Prosecutors are Seeking to Seal R. Kelly's Medical Records to Expedite Case

Brooklyn prosecutors are asking to keep R. Kelly’s “sensitive information” under wraps, including medical records, to expedite the case. Prosecutors didn’t say what was found, but they did say it was financial and medical records. They have yet to turn over the evidence to the disgraced singer’s lawyers. The reason for the prosecutors’ request so […]

R. Kelly Charged with Two Sex Crimes in Minnesota


After pleading not guilty to sex crimes in New York and Chicago, R. Kelly has been charged with a sexual crime against an underage girl in Minnesota. The incident occurred in Minneapolis in 2001, officially listed s two counts of engaging in in prostitution with an individual under 18 years old and offering to hire […]

R. Kelly Vows to Wear GPS, Stay Away From Minors if Released

R. Kelly Vows to Wear GPS, Stay Away From Minors if Released

R. Kelly wants to be released from jail after being thrown in the slammer for federal sexual misconduct charges. The disgraced singer is currently in solitary confinement and begged the judge to be released. He offered to wear an ankle monitor and stay away from minors if his request is granted. The Blast reports that […]