New App Lets User Keep Hidden Video, Cops Or Soldiers Can’t Get To


Mobile phones have become a weapon against the war that is going on world wide.  The war I speak of is the one between the rouge police officers, and soldiers that reside in some the most dangerous places on the globe.  Were they commit human rights crimes like it’s okay to just abuse people. Visit […]

Be Careful Man-spreading On The Subway Could Get You Arrested


Visit for more information   Gentlemen prepare to bring your knees closer while you are riding on the subway through the streets of New York City Advertisement New York City is targeting a new offense on the subway, the new law has been instilled to keep passengers safe and comfortable during their ride.  “Manspreading” […]

Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo Found Not Guilty Of Voluntary Manslaughter Visit for more information Cleveland officer Michael Brelo comes away today scott free, being found not guilty in the killing of two African-Americans A Cleveland judge found Michael Brelo not guilty on both counts of felony voluntary manslaughter for the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Melissa Williams. Judge John P. O’Donnell is quoted […]

The NSA Reform Bill Comes To Life As The USA Freedom Act


Visit for more information In 2013, a top was popped off a lid that had been sealed tight for a long time, but how many years, we are not even sure. Edward Snowden had to leave the country after he revealed to the American people what he knew about NSA and it was that serious. What […]

Watch As Kennesaw State Student Is Accused Of Harassment By Racist Advisor

TS KCFC Visit for more information   Kevin Bruce is a student at Kennesaw State in Georgia, like all other students he bumped into some issues and needed to speak with an adviser for some guidance.  What happened to Kevin, makes no sense to me at all. Advertisement Mr. Bruce was in the waiting area, […]

A Look Back On The Life Of Chris Lighty


Visit for more information Today marks a sad day in Hip Hop, it also is an opportunity to celebrate the life of Chris Lighty aka Baby Chris, who contributed much more then most of us knew to our beloved culture On May 8, 1968, the co-founder of Violator Records, Chris Lighty, was born in […]

Kris Jenner Opens Up About Bruce’s Transformation


“I’m going through changes…”  – Ozzy Osbourne Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner are at an interesting and confusing time of their lives and relationship. You know E! would find a way to make TV out of it as they have been over the last several years Visit for more information A special is going […]

What Happened To Joseph Kent From Baltimore Who Disappeared Live On CNN?


Visit for more information One second Joseph Kent is walking with his hands up protesting, the next second a truck pulls, up cops rush, and Joe’s gone. “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” It truly seems across the globe, miscommunication is a big part of all the civil unrest, especially in […]

Nepal Is Trying To Get Back To Normalcy After Last Week’s Monstrous Earthquake


Visit for more information Saturday’s in Nepal are like Sunday’s in America, it’s their day of worship,  a special day for the people of Nepal.  Only 1 week removed from the worst earthquake the country has seen in 80 years.  Today people will gather at their respective Temples and pray for themselves and for […]

Mike Tyson Goes On A Rant Against Floyd Mayweather In Lobby Of The MGM Grand


Visit for more information                “Greatness Is Not Guarding Yourself From The People, Greatness Is Being Accepted By The People.” That is one of just many things Mike Tyson said in 1 minute and 38 seconds as The Undisputed Champion Network crossed paths with Mike in the lobby at the MGM Grand yesterday. […]

UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones Gets Stripped Of Belt


Jon Jones loses Light Heavyweight Championship belt, but not in the octagon. Visit for more information A critical blow was just dealt to the UFC.  One if the league’s biggest stars and the youngest to ever become a champion, which he achieved in March 2011, Jon Jones has been suspended and stripped of his […]

Watch What You Search For! Google Keeps Track Of It All And Lets You Download It


Every single thing you have ever searched for productive, unproductive, work related, school related, every letter strung together to form your search can now be downloaded and printed out thanks to Google Visit for more information The newly added feature was released by Google in January of this year.  Nearly 5 months since the […]

19 Year Old Sawyer Sweeten From ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Commits Suicide


child TV star takes his own life in Texas Visit for more information Child star from the sitcom ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, the dirty blond haired, always smiling Sawyer Sweeten shot and killed himself while he was visiting family in Texas. Sawyer had a twin brother, together they played the twins to Ray and Debera on […]

E-40 Is Holding It Down In The Wine Game


E-40’s “Earl Stevens” wine biz is definitely gonna yield the Yay area pioneer more coffee tables Visit for more information In October 20113 E-40 AKA known by his government name Earl Stevens began a new journey outside of music, he jumped into the land of cheese and wine. In just over a year and […]

NBA: Atlanta Hawks Get Sold For A Staggering $850 Million


“The black crowd scared away the whites.”   Visit for more information That is what former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson wrote in an email two years ago complaining about the lack of attendance during game night.  Shortly after this email was discovered Levenson announced he was going to sell his ownership […]

Tech N9ne Ft. Eminem, & Krizz Kaliko- “Speedom” Is Bon Fire Hot!!

TS T Visit for more information   Two of the dopest lyricists over the last twenty years have finally joined forces.  They are joined by Krizz Kaliko, if you don’t know Krizz you need to check his resume, the man has bars on top of bars.  The production is polished and original, and was crafted […]

Today In Hip Hop History: 5 Years Ago Hip Hop Mourned The Death Of Guru


Today in Hip Hop history the culture lost one of the greats to Cancer…R.I.P. Guru Visit for more information On July 17, 1961 Keith Edward Elam was born into this world in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Sadly 5 years ago today the late, great MC Guru lost his battle with the big C. April 19, 2010 […]