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50 Cent Says ‘F**k Donald Trump’ After Criticism For IG Co-Sign

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After previously co-signing President Trump following his disapproval of Joe Biden’s tax proposal, Fif went public on Instagram to denounce Trump once and for all, even adding in a little Scarface humor in the caption for good measure. After 50’s ex Chelsea Handler said that in hopes of Mr. Jackson dropping his Trump endorsement, she’d […]

[WATCH] Amber Rose Says That Kanye And Trump Are ‘Twins’

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In her exclusive interview with Adam22 for No Jumper, supermodel Amber Rose talked about her former boyfriend Kanye West and his support of President Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. Rose, in a very nonchalant manner, compared West to Trump and even went as far as calling them “twinsies”. REGISTER TO VOTE GET ELECTION REMINDERS […]

Ice Cube Says He’s Banned From CNN After They Cancelled His Interview


According to a recent tweet from Ice Cube, his interview with Chris Cuomo was cancelled and claims the network had already banned him from their platform and he doesn’t understand why they even inquired about an interview in the first place. After clarifying once again that he is totally non-partisan in his pursuit to strive […]

2016 Ice Cube Tweet Saying He’d Never Endorse Donald Trump Resurfaces

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Following all of the controversy swirling around Ice Cube and his reported assistance in creating President Trump’s four-year “Platinum Plan,” an old tweet from 2016 where Cube says that he’s never endorse Donald Trump has come back to haunt him. Cube vehemently denies being partial to neither the Democrats nor the Republicans. He even said […]

Trump Administration Thanks Ice Cube for Assisting Develop ‘The Platinum Plan’

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In a now-viral tweet, Trump campaign senior advisor Katrina Pierson thanked Hip Hop icon Ice Cube for assisting in helping President Trump develop “The Platinum Plan,” which reportedly includes a $500 billion package for the Black community from the Republicans. On Sunday, Cube released a video revealing that he has met with both Republicans and […]

Asian Doll: ‘I Rather Trump be The President Then That Other Dude’


Twitter is awry with all types of political endorsements, but Asian Doll has been receiving all types of backlash after she took to Twitter to show her support for the re-election of DOnald Trump. In a now deleted tweet, the Dallas native said that she’s rather Trump win the election than “the other dude”, showing […]

President Trump: No Stimulus Deals Until After I Win The Election

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Today President Trump has issued a statement saying that he has informed his representatives to hold off on stimulus package negotiations until after the election. Additionally, Trump prematurely declared his victory in the polls, saying, “I have instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election when, immediately after I win, we will pass […]

DaBaby Says “F**k Y’all” To The Trump Campaign

DaBaby's Miami Battery Charges Reportedly Dismissed

In a recent IG post, DaBaby made it very clear about his political position; F**k Donald Trump. When the Trump Campaign sent the Blame It On Baby rapper a text about joining their movement, the North Carolina slang spitter replied with a common, but funny response to their request. Advertisement

Kenosha Shooting Suspect Seen Sitting Front Row At Trump Rally In January

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According to a recent report released by Buzzfeed, Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year old suspect who allegedly shot and killed two people while wounded two others in the Kenosha Riots following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, was photographed seated in the front row of a Trump rally in Iowa back in January. Buzzfeed called […]

Alleged Shooter Forced Trump To Be Evacuated From White House

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During a press conference today in the White House, footage shows President Trump was informed by Secret Service agents that he had to vacate the presser immediately without warning or explanation to the members of press. It was later discovered that President Trump was being evacuated to an undisclosed location due to an alleged shooter […]

Donald Trump Seeks To Postpone 2020 Presidential Election

Donald Trump

According to a recent tweet sent out by President Trump, he is seeking to have the elections delayed in order to avoid an “inaccurate and fraudulent” election. With him trailing Biden in the polls and the GDP down 32%, the lowest in decades, these statements coupled with the statistics are enough to at least consider […]